Friday, December 14, 2007

The Argument Against Drinking Cow's Milk

A lot of people think that cow’s milk is the “perfect food” and they will stand very firm in this believe.

But parents of young children should try to educate themselves about milk allergies and lactose intolerances so they can be prepared. The main reasons why cow’s milk isn’t perfect for humans are:

1) It was made by cows for cows, not humans.

2) If you don't take magnesium along with cow milk, you won't get any benefit from the calcium.

3) If you consume something with iron in it, your body also cannot uptake calcium at all. So eating red meat and drinking a glass of milk at the same time is not a great idea.

Milk allergy can happen when your child is an infant. This allergy affects the digestive system along with skin and airways. Milk allergies can in some cases be life threatening to infants if not recognized and something done about it. If a child develops a milk allergy, they are usually put on soy milk by the family doctor.

Lactose intolerance can often show up when your child is a little older and is caused by the body not being able to break down the milk sugar lactose. This affects the digestion only, and causes symptoms such as bloating, gas and loose bowels. This only happens after drinking milk or eating dairy products. Lactose intolerance is not a serious intolerance and many people can still drink milk or dairy products in small amounts and not really feel any symptoms.

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