Saturday, January 26, 2008

Disadvantages of Vegetarianism

This blog is all about vegetarianism and how beneficial and ethical being a vegetarian can be. If you read the articles on this blog you will see that there are many benefits to being a vegetarian or a vegan for that matter.

But what are the disadvantages of vegetarianism? It is only fair to cover these as well:

Here are what I see as the Disadvantages of Vegetarianism:

  • When following a vegetarian diet, especially for children there are numerous deficiencies that could occur as a result. These include iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins like D, B12, B2, B6.
  • The vegetarian diet usually contains less energy and protein overall, so this can be detrimental to some people, children in particular.
  • When traveling abroad you may find it harder to find a wide selection of food in some countries.

However, reading this blog you will see that with some thought and care it is easy to maintain a healthy vegetarian diet and the disadvantages of vegetarianism are few.

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