Friday, December 05, 2008

Benefits of Eating Vegetarian

What are the benefits of eating vegetarian?

There are numerous benefits and you can read just some of them below:

1. Health Benefits
Numerous studies have shown that those who follow a vegetarian diet have a reduced risk of certain health problems. In particular a vegetarian diet has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes and strokes. The consumption of many vegetarian foods such as grains, pulses, fruit and vegetables have health promoting properties such as helping to reduce the risk of cancer. On the other hand consumption of meat, especially red meat can increase the risk of certain diseases such as coronary heart diseases. (1)

2. Easier to Digest
Eating meat is more difficult for the body to digest. Meat stays in the stomach for longer and is more time consuming to digest. Switching to a vegetarian diet will see a noticeable improvement in ease of digestion. By eating only vegetarian foods a person will feel less lethargic after eating a meal.

3. Better for the environment.
Producing vegetarian foods is less intensive on the environment than looking after livestock. Animals require a higher % of land space and attention to give a corresponding output of food. With global warming threatening the availability of farming land, this point may become increasingly important. A vegetarian diet places less strain on environmental resources.

4. Consciousness of Vegetarian foods.
Many spiritual traditions promote vegetarianism because it is a beneficial complement to spiritual practices like meditation. Different food types embody different vibrations. Meat embodies the consciousness of animals; this consciousness is more restless and aggressive. By eating this type of food the animal qualities of the meat will be transferred to some extent to the person eating the food. This has an effect on their subtle nerves and makes meditation more difficult.

"When we eat meat and fish, the aggressive, animal consciousness enters into us. Our nerves become agitated; they become restless and aggressive, and this can interfere with our meditation. " (2)
By contrast vegetarian foods do not have this restlessness, they have a mild and peaceful vibration. This is a significant benefit of a vegetarian diet for those who practise meditation.

5. Less Cruelty to Animals.
Many become vegetarians because they don't like the idea of animals being unnecessarily killed. Modern farming methods often lead to poor conditions, where the welfare of the animals is not at the forefront. Being vegetarian avoids the promotion of animal cruelty.

(2) Vegetarian Diet by Sri Chinmoy

About the Author
Tejvan became interested in meditation and eastern mysticism whilst studying at University in Oxford. After studying various spiritual traditions he became a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy. Tejvan now offers meditation classes on behalf of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Oxford.

Hopefully you now have a good idea of just some of the benefits of eating vegetarian.

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