Thursday, September 23, 2010

Benefits of a Vegan Raw Food Diet

Many people will use a raw food detox plan when they have been feeling sluggish. But what is it that people hope to accomplish by going on a raw food diet?

Here are some of the reasons why a vegan raw food diet from time to time is thought to be worthwhile.

The concept behind cutting off all processed foods and going on with raw foods is that there are so many additives in everything these days, from the frozen and canned vegetables to the meats and dairy products we consume. Over time, the residue of these additives can increase the chances of developing some major health problems, many of which have to be fought with synthetic drugs or even more aggressive means.

Choosing to engage in raw food diet for a period of time helps to eliminate the presence of those added preservatives and other components and allows the individual to enjoy the benefits of receiving the pure goodness of the fruits and vegetables consumed.

For people who believe in a balance between body and mind, they may decide to engage in a detox period of a few days or perhaps a week so that they accomplish two things. First, they enter into a period where they are not adding any synthetic compounds to their bodies, which will provide the body with better chances of pushing the substances through the system. Second, the use of the natural fruits and vegetables act as a cleanser that not only nourished the bodies with uninhibited vitamins and nutrients, but also increases the body's ability to throw off the illness producing additives.

There are a number of persons who believe that performing this ritual on a monthly basis helps to offset the abuses of modern living that have created the alarming amount of obesity and heart disease we see today. Also, many report a better mental outlook after a few days on the program. If you've never thought of raw foods as a way to detox your system, it may be worth a try. Vegan raw food diet plans are available for free on the Internet.

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Laurence - said...

This is so true! Eating fresh, raw food makes you feel so good and alive! My bible is the cooking book from Matt Amsden "Rawvolution"
Laurence -